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Data Cabling Services

Data Cabling Services

Your residence or enterprise relies on equipment and installation that is functional and dependable. DONERIGHT Contracting provides comprehensive cabling services that provide careful attention to detail during cable installation and IT optimization to ensure that connections run seamlessly and error free.  

We have expert certified engineers that will assess your project requirements, oversee the planning of your cabling configuration, ensure cable compliance, and conduct a comprehensive and in-depth test of the cabling infrastructure. We then perform a system check with the latest diagnostic equipment and then provide documentation of the final test results. In addition to overseeing the maintenance of your ongoing needs and providing daily assistance, we will also grow with your organization by overseeing special project needs as they arise.
What DONERIGHT Contracting Offers
We offer the most complete and detailed set of cabling services that serve all of your voice, video, and data needs.
Our Cabling Services include:
  • Customized Cabling: We provide a complete assessment of your needs by performing an onsite inspection and then assist you with any special infrastructure design, necessary upgrades, and complete installation of your cabling system. 
  • Site Assessment: If you have an existing cable infrastructure in place we can perform a comprehensive diagnostic of the system with the latest tools and accomplished engineering skills to identify any issues with network functionality or communications standard issues.  
  • System Checks and Certification: Once we complete the installation of your cabling system we use quality control to perform full system checks and certification of the installation for each line of cabling we complete. Our advanced diagnostic tools allow for a detailed performance test and full documentation of the test results for each cable connection we install. 
  • Bid Proposal: Following a complete assessment of your needs we provide a competitive bid that suits your budget and your specific requirements for connectivity within a few days after we inspect the site where cable installation is necessary. 
  • Project Management: DONERIGHT Contracting provides expert onsite project management with well trained personnel to oversee the cabling project and to ensure your connectivity and workflow needs are being met. 
  • Expert Technical Support: With our team of highly accomplished engineers we can provide fast and reliable tech support available around the clock as well as perform emergency services as needed. 
Accomplished Expertise in Many Areas of Cable Infrastructure
Our team of expert engineers has comprehensive experience in cable installation and troubleshooting for the following areas: 
  • Cable Design: Cabling infrastructure and design for special project needs and installation procedures.
  • CAT 5 and 6: Installation and testing of CAT 5 and CAT 6 cables including coaxial and twinax cable, Ethernet, and video services.
  • Fiber Optic: Fiber optic connectivity including different modes of fiber optic such as multi-mode and single mode including underground, indoor and outdoor, and fiber optic lines for field work.
  • Network Switches: Cisco, Dell, HP and Juniper certified network switch installation.
  • Shielded and Unshielded Twisted Pair: Accomplished expertise in all communications standards including telephone, 10 and 100BaseT, Thin and Gigabit Ethernet, and much more.
Installation Service Benefits
DONERIGHT Contracting provides many benefits which are included in our cable installation services: 
  • Installation specialists that are industry certified.
  • Cable connectivity certification with documented test results.
  • Critical Problem Escalation for identifying and repairing any defects.
  • Project Management Specialization that provides support as you grow.
  • Documented Test Results for each cable line following installation.
  • Flexible financing.
  • State-of-the-art tech support that conforms to your schedule.

Locations Offered:

Data Cabling San Jose, Data Cabling San Francisco