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Executive Team

Executive Team

Paul Dorian
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paul is technically skilled at design, implementation, and management of all aspects of IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, security, cabling, and software across all industries.  Paul has extensive experience in business startups, financial applications, e-commerce, process improvement, and non-profit management.  As the CEO of DONERIGHT Contracting, Paul’s knowledge enables our team to deliver the kind of innovative leadership that keeps DRC on the leading-edge as a full-service IT provider. 
  David Holman
Founder and Chief Operating Officer

David brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding within the industry. With over ten years experience, specializing in various aspects of the trade, David utilized a unique ability to supply a business model resourceful to national retailers who could produce adequate amounts of volume. Using this developed structure grew the company from a 30 mile radius to a statewide service center. Completing several thousand projects through out California in a paradisiacal order certifies David as a expert in his trade.
  Peter Dorian
VP of Finance and Administration

Peter has served DRC for the past three years, and has been involved with IT systems for over 35 years.  His expertise centers on business applications for Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance, and Quality Assurance.  Increasing efficiency within a company’s operation is Peter’s specialty.   Peter is also in charge of everything that goes on at the DRC headquarters – from billing clients to interviewing potential team members.
  Scott Sarginson
VP of Sales & Marketing

With over 20 years of experience in sales management and marketing in the IT services environment, Scott brought a wealth of expertise to the DRC management team.  He is highly knowledgeable of the business issues that companies face today and is able to apply his skills to solving those issues with the appropriate technology and services.  As the VP of Sales & Marketing, Scott’s personable, yet professional attitude makes him suitable for building relationships with past, present, and future clients.