Access Control
Our professionals can perform an assessment of your access control needs and then design an infrastructure that allows you to restrict access to a building or specific area in the building. Our access control systems offer the latest innovations in technology with customized controls that can be regulated from single or multiple locations and via the Internet.
  Wireless Networks
We provide comprehensive wireless services with our team of professionals that are appropriately certified. In the commercial wireless environment an installation service provider must be properly certified in wireless LAN design, wireless consulting, and in the installation of wireless data networks.
  Digital Signage
Digital signage is an effective means of providing attractive visuals that garner the attention of everyone who passes by. This is why the use of digital signage for advertising and information services is on the rise. Regardless of whether your goal is to market effectively to prospective customers or successfully deliver information, we will design and implement an attention-getting digital signage system that creates a lasting impression.
  BGM Installation and Service
If you have a need for background music and audio systems in your commercial venue we can design and customize a BGM installation to wire your business for sound.
  TV / Projector Installation
Our technicians are certified to outfit an entire board or conference room with the latest audio and visual technologies that enable you to deliver effective presentations, professional training sessions, teleconferences, or educational classes with distance learning systems.
  Videoconferencing Installation
Regardless if you are a small business at a single site location or you have multiple sites that require a videoconferencing system, our professional trained team is prepared with the necessary skills to provide you with state-of-the-art videoconferencing services.

Structured Cabling
We can design a low-voltage structured cabling system that handles telephony requirements, alarm and entry systems, access control services, BGM installations, paging and public address systems, and much more.

  Network and Data Cabling
Our technicians with highly skilled certifications will design and implement an entire network and data cabling system including the hardware components such as racks and other hardware that is required for a customized installation.
  Cable Testing & Certification
DRC offers network testing and certification for your existing infrastructure or any new network installation we perform. We can also perform industry-specific testing on networks that may have a unique or specialized infrastructure.
  Telecommunication Services
We deliver telecommunications services for all types of telephone and voicemail systems, and peripheral components which include cabling installation, network hardware, and any other elements that you require to create a customized state-of-the-art telecommunications system.
  Video Surveillance
We install state-of-the-art CCTV systems that provide security and detailed surveillance for your corporate environment. Our technicians are highly trained security specialists that will review and design a security system that is appropriate for your corporate facility.
  Entry and Security Systems
DRC can install state-of-the-art entry systems that are customized to your specifications and requirements. We also perform alarm and video surveillance installation that help you to provide security for your staff and your enterprise.